Could it be okay to possess sex with my gf if she has mono?

Q: My gf presently has mono and I also have previously had it. Can it be okay if we have sexual intercourse? Exactly what are any dangers associated with making love along with her while she has mono?

A: Great question. Seems easy, but actually a lot of layers.

“Mono” (infectious mononucleosis) theoretically relates to a problem of symptoms – swollen lymph nodes, temperature, sore neck, tiredness, etc. – as opposed to an infection that is specific. Many situations of mono in america are usually due to the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) but other viruses, such as for example Cytomegalovirus, could cause mono too. But let’s assume that we’re referring to the EBV version that is usual of.

Then she is almost certainly infectious if your girlfriend has typical symptoms and a blood test that confirmed the diagnosis. EBV concentrates in saliva, so individuals frequently catch it by way of a coughing, sharing utensils, or many famously, kissing. EBV could be sent various other means. But not theoretically considered an infection that is sexually transmitted one posted research shows that EBV may be sent through sexual activity and that condoms provide some security.

Most (not all the) healthier those that have had EBV mono develop resistance to it and never become ill from subsequent exposures, generally there is little danger of you mono that is getting in the event that you dudes have intercourse. You can expect to very nearly assuredly come in contact with your girlfriend’s EBV – generally there is an important danger that you’ll develop mono again that you will be re-infected, but miniscule risk.

But let’s consider carefully your gf for an extra. Presuming she really seems as much as making love, could it be safe on her?

It is not likely that making love would pose any risks that are particular. Mono will sometimes may cause a person’s spleen to be increased, nonetheless, which puts them prone to having a spleen rupture, a real medical crisis. In reality, we usually tell individuals with mono in order to prevent contact activities and particular other activities for a number of days to be sure the spleen has received time for you go back to size that is normal. So theoretically, according to the vigorousness associated with the intercourse, there is a risk of problems for your girlfriend’s spleen.

The seriousness of EBV mono can are normally taken for obscure to serious (sometimes needing hospitalization), with many people dropping someplace in the center. I’ve no concept where along this spectrum your gf falls, but at the moment if she was feeling lousy enough to end up in the doctor’s office, maybe sex isn’t really a priority for her? Why don’t you select up some popsicles for her or provide to just take her dog for the stroll and reassess the intercourse part of each day or two… or ten.

James R. Jacobs, M.D., Ph.D. Student Wellness ServicesThe Ohio State University

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Imagine if she recovers and seems better? Would it not be okay then to kiss her and have now sex along with her?

I Understand One Thing About A Young Child. Should she is told by me mother?

Keep a key or stop harm that is present?

Published Sep 22, 2011

I am actually beside myself. My teenager, unlike other teenagers and their moms and dads, confides in me personally a great deal. We have constantly prided myself regarding the closeness and quality of y our relationship. Now, i will be asking myself if I would be much best off if my daughter explained less. You notice, she confided in me that her buddy is cutting by herself and she does not know very well what to complete about any of it. Personally I think that this will be fat a weight for my child and her buddy to hold and I also believe i ought to inform your ex’s mom. I’ve run this by my hubby in which he disagrees. He claims it is the teenage woman’s obligation to inform her mother and our child should suggest this to her buddy. My better half additionally sugggested that absolutely absolutely absolutely nothing good ever arises from meddling. He believes that speaking with moms and dads about their young ones is really a way that is sure make enemies.

I inquired my daughter exactly what she would really like me personally to do and she simply shrugged. My spouce and I have actually agreed you have to say about this matter that we will listen to what. Please respond as this can be weighing greatly on most of us and I also have always been concerned about my daughter’s buddy whom is actually a lovely woman that is young. We have understood her along with her mom because the girls had been in kindergarten together.

A torn and mom that is worried

Dear Torn and Worried Mother,

Your query is a fantastic one and pops up extremely usually as a confusing problem for numerous moms and dads. Regarding the one hand, you need to keep your child’s self- confidence but having said that you will not want her become holding an encumbrance such as this that this woman is ill-equipped to manage. While your husband makes good point by suggesting that conversing with moms and dads about their children is exceptionally sensitive—it is nonetheless necessary in some instances.

In this case, your child’s buddy is participating in a high-risk behavior and her mom ought to know to ensure she will get her the appropriate help.

My rule during these forms of circumstances will be think about if you’re originating from host to good intention whenever speaking with the caretaker. Then by all means talk to her and assure her that you have no intention to gossip about or judge her daughter but that in a similar situation you would want to know this information about your own child if the answer is yes.

Bear in mind, your child might be confiding inside you concerning this situation because she seems overrun because of it. Allow her realize that she doesn’t feel left out of the loop and lose trust in you that you are going to talk to the mother so. Remind her that security constantly comes first. My guess is the fact that your child shall feel relieved. Simply take the chance to pose a question to your very own child if she has ever seriously considered participating in this particular behavior. They generally examine your response to information by explaining it as a buddy’s behavior. We did that whenever we had been teenagers aswell. Best of luck and I also wish that there’s an excellent and good result for everyone else.

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