Yandere Demon Slayer x Reader || Desire To See An Actual Demon, Darling? By OhImJustACreature

Fandoms: ???? | Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba (Anime)


It’s exactly what it really is, Yandere oneshots for Demon Slayer and Female/Male/and Gender Neutral visitors!

For headcanons and stuff HMU to my tumblr @uzuiisallowedtouseme

A Rogue’s Sacrifice by Tanithiaria

Fandoms: ??????????? | Boku no Hero Academia | Our Hero Academia


3 years into U.A. And graduation simply just about to happen, the course of 3-A celebrated their final summer time training camp together. Exactly just just What started out being a night that is fun of and meals, were left with shackles and bloodstream. All they had a need to save yourself on their own ended up being a while and a distraction that is steamy. One Rogue Omega had the most perfect trick up their sleeve. He simply hoped those he cared about still liked him whenever it had been all said and done.

Watch by yayenchan

Fandoms: Mass Impact: Andromeda


“Moans and grunts echoed inside an apartment that is dimly lit Kadara Port. Sweat slicked bodies moved against one another, clutching and gripping, like they certainly were waiting on hold for dear life. Even while the rhythmic thudding for the bed’s headrest resistant to the wall that is prefab ignored, lost within their throes of passion.

“Pleasepleaseplease, Reyes! State it, please make me come! ” He begged desperately. The response that is only he got ended up being silence, as there was clearly a pause inside their coupling. The cock pulling out making him utter a curse that is frustrated their impending launch had been stunted. “

You can find scenes that could trigger a couple of individuals therefore in the event that you dont such as this, stop, now.

Ragnatela Bonus Chapters by Quieta

Fandoms: Initial Work


Assortment of AUs imported through the Ragnatela tumblr.

Chapter Nine: Deleted scene/axed subplot. Patience/Sawyer.

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