Customer Alert: Scammers Claiming to Represent Advance America Target Maine Consumers

SPARTANBURG, S.C., Nov. 13, 2014 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — Advance America, a nationwide provider of payday loans as well as other monetary services, has become alert to a brand new revolution of scams focusing on customers in Maine. These scam music artists, posing as Advance America representatives to gather money from naive customers, have been in no method connected to the organization. Because of state laws, Advance America doesn’t presently provide pay day loans to Maine residents.

Within the last couple weeks, in specific, scammers have actually contacted Maine residents claiming them to buy a prepaid debit card or cable cash as a “processing cost” or “good faith deposit. They have been pre-approved for the loan, then asking” In other situations, scammers look for to gather on “unpaid” cash advance debt, usually threatening arrest or appropriate action or demanding individual economic information over the telephone. Scammers went so far as sending residents fraudulent loan papers utilising the Advance America logo design.

“Scammers usually utilize the standing of the best, respected business to con victims from their cash, ” stated Patrick O’Shaughnessy, president and CEO of Advance America. “Legitimate payday loan providers such as for example Advance America are very managed at both their state and federal degree and won’t ever utilize the style of fraudulent and illegal techniques utilized by scam designers. “

Advance America urges customers to recognize the warning indications of economic fraud and follow these methods for avoiding loan that is payday business collection agencies frauds. If people suspect being scammed, they ought to report it straight away to neighborhood police force also to the financial institution that the scammer claims to express. If you have been contacted by somebody claiming to express Advance America, please phone 888-310-4238.

Learn signs and symptoms of a fraud

Federal legislation strictly regulates exactly how genuine bill collectors and loan agents can perform business. The Fair that is federal Debt methods Act (FDCPA) particularly forbids collectors from being abusive, unjust or misleading in attempting to gather a financial obligation. What the law states particularly states debt collectors cannot threaten customers with arrest or prison time when they do not spend their bill. If somebody claims you’ll face criminal prosecution if you do not straight away wire them cash, it is most likely a fraud.

Scammers might also claim which you have now been pre-approved for the loan, after which need you to obtain a prepaid debit card or cable cash as a “processing cost” or “good faith deposit. ” Others may really be identification thieves off to get the individual or monetary information.

Steer clear of Scams:

As well as focusing on how loan providers and bill enthusiasts can run, customers should take steps to also protect by themselves, including:

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