3’s not an audience! One fourth of Brits have experienced a threesome. And it’s clear that sex matters whether you are single, settled or playing the field.

— We announce the outcomes of our biggest intercourse study — 20,000 visitors expose exactly just what actually continues on in UK — % of Brits experienced a single evening stand— Four away from ten view porn 3 times a week—72 percent of people have experienced romps outside

TODAY we present the results for the Sun’s biggest ever intercourse survey – for which an incredible 20,000 visitors reveal exactly what REALLY continues on between Britain’s bedsheets.

And regardless if you are solitary, settled or playing the industry, it is clear that intercourse issues.

Around 25 % of you — 26 pof males|of malepercent of women — admitted having enjoyed a threesome, while 7per cent of readers confessed to outdoor intercourse.

That may appear daring sufficient for some — but 1per cent admitted to having run the possibility of a evening within the cells after romping on general public transportation.

Almost 25 % of males and ladies who took part into the anonymous study stated they couldn’t resist a secret tryst at the office, and nearly seven in ten of us have actually committed a “sex and run” — fleeing after a stand that is one-night.

More worryingly, a lot more than half admitted having unsafe sex by having complete stranger, risking the chance of sexually transmitted conditions.

Interestingly, females are generally very very first to have intimately active, with more than a 3rd losing their virginity beneath the age that is legal of, in comparison to 20percent of males.

As soon as the saucy 50 tones unique trilogy hit the bookshops last year, erotica had been subjected to the public so when we could expose today, ladies are perhaps maybe perhaps not afraid to explore their kinky part.

PIn reality, almost 80 of feminine Sun visitors stated within our online poll which they enjoy reading erotic novels in personal, although simply 11per cent share the written dreams making use of their lovers.

And though of females acknowledge to sex that is using, only 6% will allow their partners in regarding the action. Nevertheless, a lot more than 4 of both sexes say they enjoy part play and revel in putting on a costume when you look at the bed room.

Plus it appears the sexes are simply as equal with regards to pleasure that is do-ityourself. For males and ladies, just below half admitted they liked to please by themselves at least one time a week.

But guys are miles ahead in terms of porn. Ninpercent confessed to watching it a lot more than 16 times a week. And much more than one fourth admitted they’d taken care of sex at least one time into the year that is last.

Significantly more than a quarter associated with visitors whom responded our 20 concerns admitted that they had cheated on the internet and gone the entire hog by making love with some other person while nevertheless in a relationship.

Here four Sun visitors expose exactly about just exactly just what gets them hot into the room — and sometimes outside it.

Readers reveal all

Andy Williams, 25, Llanelli, Southern Wales

ANDY admits he masturbates therefore much it “borders on obsession” — and claims it led him to cheat on a prostitute to his girlfriend as he ended up being 19.

He has because covered intercourse twice more and admits to moving and watching porn several times a time.

Andy, an audio engineer, claims: “I became drunk and extremely horny the very first time I dabbled. I’d discovered a flyer in a phone field and at 4am I decided to be masturbated for ?40 but she had been so good at pleasuring me, We paid ?100 for complete sex.

“I’ve never ever felt bad about this. We have all needs that are different those had been my requirements during the time. We consider it just as if I’d been for a night out and pulled. ”

He adds: “ we experienced a gf at that time, but she lived away and I also wasn’t having the attention that is sexual required. I became young and very naive nonetheless it didn’t stop naked white girls me spending money on intercourse twice from then on.

“I paid around ?20 in Poland, then ?60 in Swansea. And I’d try it again. A lot of guys would purchase, though they’d never acknowledge it. It is a service”

Natalie Rogan, 28, Rochdale, Lancashire

BEAUTICIAN Natalie regularly dresses up and indulges in role play into the bedroom — and boyfriend Mike can’t get an adequate amount of it.

She claims reading the 50 Shades publications exposed her mind up to a global globe of fun and she quickly brought domination to the bed room.

Natalie claims: “Occasionally I’ll use the lead but more frequently than maybe maybe not it is Mike because i like the impression of him being in charge.

“I’ve got no taboos about discussing our intercourse lives with my girlfriends. I’ve been buying lingerie using them making no key to the fact that I’m buying it for mine and Mike’s benefit also it’s solely for bed room enjoyable.

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